Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 21, 2013

Pray for Peace ~by rldubour




Pray for Peace

The motto of our country
In God we Trust.”
The radical Islamic
“Death to all a must.”

To all of our soldiers
I will say it loud and clear.
Islamic hatred for us all
For over fourteen-hundred years.

We hear it in their voice
Death to all the infidels.
They number in millions
Have brainwashed their young so well.

If you think you are safe
And it won’t happen here.
We all better wake up
They’re bringing us great fear.

To them life means nothing
As if stepping on an ant.
We have the power to end this
Before they get the chance.

To our men and women
Around the world they reach.
All seeking the injustice
So our world will know of peace.

Each branch of the service
As they search and destroy.
In weeding out the evil
Where now it is deployed.

I pray for our soldiers
Freeing those who want peace.
That all of them come home safe
And the evil will be ceased.

The task that lies before you
Is a job that must be done.
Evil is escalating
And affecting everyone.

Where you are is filled with hate
You are the infidels
I pray for you with all my faith
Send the devil back to hell.

I pray you all a safe return
From the land they call Iraq.
Also from Afghanistan
That you all come safely back.

No matter what the theater is
In our eyes you’re all the best
Some will pay the ultimate price
As you force the evil to regress.

To all our countries heroes
Fighting in a foreign land
May God watch you and protect you
And hold you in His hands.


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