Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 3, 2013

When Twilight’s Song ~ by rldubour





When Twilight’s Song

The path they walk along the mountains edge
Hands holding tight to each other they pledge.
They pledge all tomorrows forevermore
With all their new feelings not felt before.

They sit and they talk on that mountaintop
With a burning desire getting more hot.
The beauty of sunset they look all around
The colors of nature wearing Gods crown.

Soon the heavenly stars shine with their light
The glow in their eyes makes everything right.
The flames in their hearts are now burning strong
In each others arms is where they belong.

He kisses her eyes then down to her lips
With his gentle caress she tightens her grip.
The want that’s inside her too late to say no
All that she has for her love she will show.

As they made love ’till the morning light
The sounds of the doves is heaven’s delight.
This night on the mountain has changed their life
Now eternal love for man and his wife.

They still walk the path on that mountain’s edge
And never forgot the words of their pledge.
Tomorrow’s forever has filled their abyss
For love ever after from one simple kiss.




  1. I love the story.. It is marvelous,.. 🙂

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