Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 19, 2013

Justice? ~by rldubour




Have you ever looked this word up in a dictionary?
If you interpret like I did, can leave one pretty scary.
It seems that justice has seen its day the bad guys still have rights!
Still walk the streets, left to prey on victims of the night.

Justice does not fit the crime, you see this every day.
Lawyers claim their innocent, the Judge just says O.K.
Maybe not all lawyers are as sleazy as they sound.
One or two have conscience, can be quite profound.

My intent is not to pick on one, this writing has a cause.
To show our justice system has way too many flaws.
We hear righteousness, conforming to the law.
Conforming what? He’s caught dead right, pretend we never saw!

Now we have correctness as the Judge does contemplate.
Give him time or set him free in the mind the Judge debates.
What happens next I can not believe it makes me so irate.
His childhood was the blame, courts adjourned it’s getting late.

The laws have come a long way, still to harsh in the liberals mind.
It used to be you broke the law; you damn well paid the crime.
Now the bad guy gets away with his rights all still preserved.
Put a six gun on my hip and he will get what he deserves!

The only way we fix all this is we really must get tough.
I would think by now, we all have had enough!
Our children have no fear of us we are not allowed to discipline,
The bad guys in and out of jail the circle has no end.

I feel I have to mention and put them in this write.
There is a justice of the peace, chief justice and my favorite one I like.
Poetic justice! In this work ironically we face
Let’s get control of justice and make our streets a safer place!


  1. I agree with you fully Ron, America has become a “lawless” country. Now the criminals have the same rights as the regular people. What happened to the old-time system of justice in the cowboy days?


    • still the cowboy days only we have more outlaws than sheriffs!

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