Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 24, 2013

Fear ~by rldubour






Fear of the unknown all
mankind will feel. 
Anticipation or awareness of danger
is all too real.

A feeling of solicitude anxious and
Reason to know that danger is near, this we all 
have learned.

First thought is trepidation in the presence
now at hand.
Anticipation of the danger, do we run or
make a stand?

Fear can give us loss of courage and implies 
Those who stand and face the fear have

Panic overshadows fear causing hysterical
Terror when the most extreme can cause 

We all have known and felt fear on
any given day.
So, let me ask this question before 
I go away.

Why do we have to live in fear
and bolt our doors up tight?
The message of today is clear, 
this is just not right!  

Our laws need many improvements 
write to your congressmen.
Tell them that we must see changes 
to feel at peace again!. 





  1. amen to that, ron! I completely agree with what you’re saying. Our laws DO need some serious changes, from changes in the schools to changes in the local, city or county, and national laws.

    • guess it is true what they say, “Two great minds think alike!” thank YOU

  2. Nicely said. But it’s not just in your country that laws need changing; its a pandemic! We all need to join together.

    • I totally agree with you and I thank YOU very much

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