Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 8, 2013

By the track, a redneck story ~by rldubour



By the track, a redneck story

Everyday I saw his name
I’d just sit back and smile.
They called him Robin Hood
I sure did like his style.

Traveling ’round the country
Last seen in Kentucky.
This man is sharp no doubt
Smart and very lucky.

Money in the millions
Would take from those with greed.
Give it to the churches
And those who were in need.

A modern Robin Hood
I hoped he’d get away.
Yet, I would love to meet him
To hear what he would say.

Just then my captain called
Said he had news for me
They have Hood surrounded
Somewhere in Kentucky.

Extradition papers
Were shortly in my hand.
This job I hated most
But, the law does demand.

My partner Joe and I
We caught the next flight out.
By the time we got there
His capture was no doubt.

Landing in Louisville
Directly off to jail
Now face to face with Hood
And justice does prevail.

I wanted time to talk
For home we took a car.
Staring out the window
We have not driven far.

I asked him of his life
Of things I want to know.
How he could steal so much
With nothing left to show.

Then we heard a whistle
Was from a distant train.
He looked at me and spoke
From thoughts deep in his brain.
Jest this hyar side of blue hills
Right by th’ railroad track.
Lef’ home when ah was yo’ng
Thet whistle brin’s me back.

Mama used t’wake me
It was aginst her rule.
Etch day ah had mah cho’es
Then change an’ off t’skoo.

Ah still hear her sayin’
She had a way wif wo’ds.
Ah was yo’ng when paw passed
His voice ah nevah heard.

Mama said God took him
While plowin’ out th’ field.
She muss haf loved him so
Her heart had nevah healed.

When mama lef’ ah cried
Ah knowed one thin’ fo’ sho’.
Fum th’ rich ah w’d take
An’ give it t’th’ pore.

Not one cent ah had kepp
Ah planted like a seed.
To give these pore foks’ hope
All hearts aren’t filled wif greed.
From that point on was still
With nothing else to say.
The first time in my life
I wished he got away.

Now at home and in court
Most charges have been dropped.
Robin Hood was sent home
This course the Judge had opt.

Joe and I both agreed
Take leave and drive him back
To the blue hill mountains
And his shack by the track.

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