Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 11, 2013

My shadowed glass 9/11~by rldubour

9~11~2001  WE WILL NEVER FORGET:  New York, NY, Somerset County and Washington D.C.


My shadowed glass 9/11

It’s been awhile my shadowed glass,

I still have questions, may I ask?

I look at you my shadowed glass,

This is the question I must ask.

Why this senseless tragedy that has come to pass?

The death filled shadow overhead,

Crashed and burned and left the dead.

Why? Help me understand,

How ruthless is this mortal man?

The men and woman that will never come home,

The ones who loved them now left alone.

I pray the angel’s guide them right,

And protect their souls from their earthly plight.

Now is the time to stand all tall,

And show the devil who has the ball!

We the United States are saddened by this day,

Make no mistake about it; the devil is going to pay.

To our nation’s leaders in this time of need,

That run our country, where we all live free.

That whatever action they must take,

We are all behind them make no mistake!

Oh shadowed glass, oh shadowed glass,

That darkened hour has come to pass.

The price of freedom we now must pay,

And send those devils to their graves.

America we love you,

The good old red, white and blue.

God bless America, God bless us all,

God bless our homeland and forever

We will stand tall!



  1. It is a dark day in a year that has seen other dark days. Hugs, Brenda

    • it is not the day which is dark it is the minds of those who are full of evil again I thank YOU

  2. Wow. I had ROTC training in high school n’ each time i hear about i feel different, like something is happening inside of me.


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