Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 19, 2013

I’ll look it up! ~by rldubour



I’ll look it up!

I bet you all know one
That think they’re always right!
This is my opinion
They make me feel uptight.

I have to walk away
I do not dare reply
Composed I’m back again
Confronting eye to eye.

Expression is our right
Free speech we don’t deny.
Today the problem is
Words of truth or of lies.

I don’t know an answer
Before I do reply.
Will look it up for you
These words I will imply.

Won’t beat around the bush
Or even compromise.
And if I should be wrong
I will apologize.

At times I get real mad
When one gives bad advice.
The ‘know-it-all’ in life
Not even thinking twice.

All of us are different
Yet most do think the same.
To know all the answers
I never will proclaim.


  1. Got one in my life, baby sister.

    • lol, I think we all have one! thanks

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