Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 24, 2013

America~WYOMING~by rldubour

For the past 50 weeks I have posted one great state from my book America with poetry every Tuesday. Written with children in mind to learn about America, Filled with history, literature, geography, and poetry. A great educational tool for all. Today the last state in alpha order is the great state of:



This state is called~~ The Equality State.
The motto is~~ “Equal Rights.”
Wyoming means~~ At the big plains.
The residents are known as Wyominigites.

The flower is the Indian paintbrush
Yellowstone is the nation’s first National Park.
The tree is the Plains cottonwood
And the state bird is the Western Meadowlark.

In the late 1700s the European
Trappers were first to arrive
Fort Williams is the first garrison
In aiding the settlers to survive.

The late 1700s Indian tribes like the
Ute, Sioux, Shoshone, Crow and Cheyenne.
In the mid-1800 the Fort Laramie Treaty
Forcing tribes to live on reservation land.

Several trails were traveled while passing through
The Oregon trail to the Pacific coast
The California and the Mormon trail to Utah
All traveled through South Pass the most.


The restored Wyoming Territorial Prison in
Laramie a popular attraction in the old west.
In 1925 Nellie Tayloe Ross was elected governor
The nation’s first woman governor to do her best.

DevilsTower was designated as the
First National Monument.
And Cody, is named after “Buffalo Bill”
In honor of a mans true testament.


The first coal mine in Wyoming was
In Carbon in eighteen-sixty-seven.
Black Thunder near Wright is the
Largest mine in the nation not miss-given.

Mining, particularly oil and natural
Gas is the most important industry.
And the world’s largest sodium
Carbonate deposits adds to their economy.


The end is here and without shame
So much we learned and hope to retain.
With learned geography an a little history
And all we did was add some poetry!
Statehood, July 10, 1890 the 44th state
Capital is Cheyenne



Nickname for State: The EqualityState. In 1869, it became the first state to specifically give women the right to vote.
Origin of State Name: The name is a contraction of the Native American word mecheweamiing or “at the big plains.”

Yellowstone is the first official National Park (1872).  After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, people of Japanese descent living on the PacificCoast were relocated to the HeartMountainRelocationCenter in Wyoming. Several settlers passed through Wyoming during the mid-1800s. The California Trail, the Mormon Trail to Utah, and the Oregon Trail to the Pacific coast all traveled through South Pass. The Bozeman Trail led to Montana, but was closed in the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868. In 1869, another treaty with the Indians created the Wind River Reservation. Tribes who did not move into the reservation were forced outside of Wyoming. The Wind River actually changes its name in the middle of the stream becoming the BigHornRiver at a site at the north end of the Wind RiverCanyon, where each year the Native Americans hold a ceremony depicting the “Wedding of the Waters.” DevilsTower was designated as the first National Monument (1906)

The JC Penney stores were started in Kemmerer.


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