Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 24, 2013

The morning of:~by rldubour

The morning of:

The time, 0500 hours the early morning still bore the darkness of the night. In the situation room they gathered to discuss the final operation. The anesthesiologist, nurses and the chief of surgery. The plan, a minimal invasive surgery to remove the top chamber of the left lung and surrounding lymph glands.

Time, 0730 hours the operation room is now full and the beginning is underway. The surgeon runs into problems and minimal invasive is now out and no longer an option.  The incision starts at the back left shoulder down the back across the side and back up the front to the chest, resulting in a 28 cm. opening. The lung exposed and  top left chamber is removed. The rib cage had to be opened to allow more room to work. The closing of the wounds resulting in 5 different entry holes requires. A total of 185 titanium staples, stitches and perma glue resulting in a 4 and ½ hours with another 2 hours in recovery. Moved to an intermediate room where I stayed for the next 12 days. Vitals were extremely good and skipped rehab and sent home. This is my first day after 4 weeks I felt good enough to get on the PC.  Pathology report is back and claiming cancer free in the entire body. For me another fight I can say I won because of family, friends, will power and faith. Perhaps the fight continues but I will grow stronger with each passing day to meet them head on! Pray that our researchers’ find the knowledge to eradicate this terrible disease that is affecting so many.

Tomorrow I will try and restart blogging starting with American Heroes series hope everyone following will enjoy, a very special THANK YOU to ALL!



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