Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 4, 2013

Evil~by rldubour



Spell the title from right to left

Evil by rl dubour 

The bad character of man on earth has an evil reputation
Sinful, wicked ways they have, this is their salvation.
Think about this word ..LIVE.. And follow this equation.
Spell this word from right to left, a startling revelation.

Now let’s assume that this is hell and most of us agree.
Let’s go a little deeper into the evil that we see.
We see misfortune with the sorry, distress or calamity.
A cosmic evil force just waiting, waiting impatiently.

The wicked ways of evil as it singles out its prey.
It picks the man at random, it’s his unlucky day.
Causing discomfort and repulsion this is evil’s way.
Inflicting pain in mortal hearts this is what it craves.

Evil has been on earth since the dawn of time.
It is capable of evil thoughts being placed inside a mind.
Morally reprehensible with mercy so unkind.
Travels with the dark where goodness never shines.

An evil look with evil temper and glancing evil eyes.
Just to cause man suffering, achievements viewed with pride.
Archaic in its manner in man it won’t confide.
Evil follows man around not one place man can hide.

I know of no solution to put evil in its grave.
Man just seems oblivious, around it everyday.
This word that we call evil surrounds us like a plague.
Placing God and goodness in our hearts might be the only way.


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