Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 6, 2013

Seasons in New England ~ by rldubour



Seasons in New England

Mother nature in the spring time
most life we see rebirth.
The budding trees the greener grass
is natures gift to earth.

The flowers sprout from winters sleep
a sight for all to see.
The forest cries of new born sounds
just how it’s meant to be.

When all of nature starts brand new
the cycle never ends.
Even Cupid must play his hand
in making more than friends.

The seconds on the clock don’t stop
and spring will pass us by.
All of natures life is growing
to spring we say good bye.


In the gentle breeze of summer
the flowers seem to wave.
The summer days are long and bright
and memories are saved.

The season mother nature shows
the beauty that she gives.
All of the days and through the nights
the sound of nature lives.

The growth of summer is closing
a message it will send.
As nature goes through its cycle
preparing summers end

As we glide into the season
known to mankind as fall.
All of nature showing splendor
of her beauty to us all.


The winds are blowing through the trees

forcing leaves to take flight.

Natures creatures scurry around

preparing for cold nights


The season known for harvesting

the summer days did grow.

As fall gets set for the winter

to sleep beneath the snow.


Winter arrives most nature sleeps

to be reborn in spring.

This is nature of New England

and everything it brings.


It’s natures time to settle back

a perfect host she’s been.

Resting now the cycle complete

In spring she starts again.


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