Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 14, 2013

Why God only makes babies! ~ by rldubour



Why God only makes babies!

God is busy constantly every second of the day.
Watching over all of us while listening to us pray.

In the beginning there was Adam, that He called a man.
Then created Eve, He had a long range master plan.

As His world grew, much more to do, watching day and night.
He took this man and this woman, called them man and wife.

To be as one in the eyes of God and they would come to be.
To have His children to love and hold, be called a family.

He told them this, starting now you will have the guardian role.
You will raise my children right, putting knowledge in their souls.

To teach them all there is to know of this life I gave to you.
To teach them what is wrong and right in whatever they may do.

To teach them respect and honor towards their father and their mother.
Teach them compassion for mankind, for their sisters and their brothers.

This will be known as family, your house be called a home.
You will teach them that on the road of life, they will never be alone.

This will be known as parents, you have important things to do.
“He won’t be far–just call His Name… the rest is up to you.”



  1. Ron, this is truely a great and wonderful poem.

  2. ort-ort-ort-ort!!!! (baby seal of approval)!

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