Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 19, 2013

PATRIOTISM~by Clifford Burkman




In these modern times, when patriotism seems to waning, let this be a call to everyone to search their hearts, minds, and souls, to remain loyal to the one concept of our founding fathers, TO REMAIN FREE.


We are Americans,
Proud as can be,
Happy and Thankful,
In this land of the free;

A land that was promised,
By a Source from above,
Full of riches and beauty,
For all people to love;

Where Washingto, Jefferson,
And Lincoln all trod,
When they spoke of our nation,
And the trust in our God;

Where all people start equal,
In all that they do,
With a heritage and tradition,
We will always hold true;

Where our loyalty and unity,
For Liberty and Law,
Gives all races and creeds,
A chance to stand tall;

Our founders knew well,
What we cherish today,
And there’s no power on earth,
That will ever take that away.




  1. Excellent words, great job with this work

  2. ORT-ORT-ORT-ORT!!!!! 🙂 (the Seal of Approval…from one of Ron’s quirkier poetry partners)! Good job—worth reblogging!

  3. […] PATRIOTISM~by Clifford Burkman […]

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