Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 20, 2013

If~ by rldubour




What a powerful word, this word we call if.

Take a moment in silence sit and think of it.

This is really crazy, I have a millions thoughts.

It’s what you believe from what you were taught.

What if? This life we live is not really what it seems.

What if? Somehow our life, is only just our dreams.

What if? Things were different? Would you want to change?

What if? There was no pain? Would you act the same?

What if? There was no money? And everything was free.

Would all the materialistic things be that important for us to see?

What if? There was no religion and everyone believed the same.

Would all the wars that have been fought, only been in vain?

What if? There was no evil? What if? There was no hate?

What if? The only word we knew, was appreciate.

What if? We showed the love, that’s in all our hearts.

What if? You had a second chance? Just where would we start?

What if? White was black and black was really white?

What if? Light was dark and dark was really light?

If you think real deep and wonder there would be no if.

Would this change your life you live? Sit and think of it.


  1. IF….You keep (and I keep) on inviting writers, someday they will come. And I am very glad they have!!!!! Welcome, Clifford Burkman and Steve Williams!!! Ron, you are still the best!!!! 🙂

    • leave me speech less!

      • REALLY? I don’t believe it!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. That’s really deep, RL,It caused me to think a bit. I like those types of poems, because they make you think, sometimes outside the box.

    • I try and write a lot of those! thank YOU very much.

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