Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 21, 2013

Alzheimer’s~by rldubour


What causes this? They still do not know.

They claim genetics might play a role.

Alzheimer’s disease they call it AD.

Is a form of dementia that they see.

A group of brain disorders that cause memory loss.

Unable to find those picture negative thoughts.

A slow decline in ones mental functions.

How sad not knowing where to go at the junction.

AD disease is the most common form of dementia.

Where memory fades and they wonder who sent ya.

Another name for AD is called Mematine.

To both men and woman it is very unkind.

Very rare it will strike those younger than sixty.

But for the older ones, AD is very thrifty.

At age sixty-five one could be in trouble.

Because every five years ones chances are doubled!

Right now in America there are four and a half million.

These numbers are staggering in fact they are chilling.

The first stages of AD are often confused,

With the normal process of aging.

It’s important to remember AD is not normal

This is what I am saying.

They already linked one gene to AD

High cholesterol and blood pressure have a role they do see.

So have patients with your elders both woman and man.

It has no preference they know this for sure.

Let us show them compassion, we don’t know what’s in store!


  1. Great! We know AD well. My Grandpa 20 years ago and Michaels Mom the last couple years. Horrible disease, so sad to watch them leave us day by day.

    • thank you and yes it is very sad, perhaps someday medical research will find a cure for all these diseases, Shame one works all their life to face their golden years like this, again thank YOU

  2. In 2011, my father died of complications due to Alzheimer’s disease.
    Now I work with people who have dementia and Alzheimer’s.
    I agree. The number of people with Alzheimer’s disease in the U.S. is staggering. Frightening….
    It is hard to watch people struggling to remember….as more and more memories slip away.

    • thank YOU for your comments and I agree very sad after seeing someone work hard all their life and end up with this. Supposed to be the golden years! thanks again

  3. I read Alzheimer’s n’ thought it was good, because you must have researched it to know so much about it. I like it when someone reads about their subject so they can write something that’s true n’ makes sense. 

    • This is how I write most of my work, read about it then write, unique way of poetry. Stated with my Knowing America series and my American Heroes, in fact tomorrow is Friday and my work will be about JFK will have two separate post hope you will enjoy them. thanks Ron

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