Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 26, 2013

Priorities vs. Common Sense, rewriting history!~by rldubour

I have to write this as I sit and listen to our news about violence, assault weapons and the out of control greed in our politicians. Some will disagree other will, my opinion only,


Priorities vs. Common Sense, rewriting history!



The year 1776 the British have landing to restore an uprising by the colonist in the new world that is called America.

There will be no midnight ride for Paul Revere, will be just him and a few minute men at the docks with their AK47 assault weapons of mass destruction. The war will be over in just thirty minutes leaving all invaders dead.

The new constitution will be written as follows, all men will have to right to bear assault weapons so they may kill many at one time, not just one.

Fast speed forward Lincoln has been shot and killed along with every one else in the theater! Thanks to Booth who owned an assault weapon of mass destruction. Leading to

The Civil War between the states. The North against the South blue and gray massive death count thanks to the AK47 assault weapons of mass destruction. Speed forward once again, John F. Kennedy shot and killed along with hundreds of innocent by standers on the parade route, thanks to Oswald who carried an AK47 assault weapon capable of mass destruction.


Common Sense tells us that this is not acceptable behavior, so why? Why do we need these types of weapons on our streets? Is not there enough violence in our towns, our cities now! The American people really have their priorities screwed up. So why then do we have laws? Perhaps laws were made to try and keep the people safe from harm. Does one think this is why?

Priorities we have plenty of them but do they overlap the common sense?  Priorities have one thing that common sense does not have and that is greed. We find that truth in our Congress.


We have laws that say smokers can not smoke in all buildings, at work places even in some towns have banned smoking. Yet it is perfectly ok to carry an AK47 assault weapon. We have laws that say your motor vehicle must pass a safety inspection once a year, yet it is ok to carry an AK47 assault weapon of mass destruction. We have many laws on the books and this is for the safety of all. Speed limits, drugs, home invasions, shop lifting. My goodness is not there enough of violence in our world without the right to carry and AK47 assault weapon capable of mass destruction?


Our second amendment was written in 1776 and the weapon of choice was the old fashion one shot musket that was capable of bringing food into the household along with the right to protect oneself and family.  Was not intended to include assault weapons of mass destruction along with their 30 to 100 clip rounds. What we need is our laws, Judges to get tougher with criminals  The police go after them and the judges let them go. Known gang members should be arrested, repeat offenders should have stiffer penalties. Parents should start being PARENTS. Teach the children, give them a home with love and discipline. Teach what is right and what is wrong, how to grow to be responsible for their own actions. Our law makers in Congress put some common sense in your souls instead of your priorities filled with greed. This also applies to health care, social security benefits and everything else that benefit middle class and poor that your tea party greed is trying to destroy!


  1. YOU…expressing political opinion in your poetry blog? UNHEARD-OF!!!! 🙂

    • expressing my opinion


      • 🙂 I am always proper!!! lol at least in my mind lol

      • OF COURSE YOU ARE!!!! ALWAYS! JUST THAT, formerly…unlike myself, you generally confined the more controversial opinions to your Facebook page.

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