Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 8, 2013

Christmas Shopping~by rldubour



Christmas Shopping

You sit at the table and make out your list.

Go over twice; make sure no one is missed.

You sharpen your pencil and add up the cost.

Minus the things, you already bought.


As you put on your coat and hat and head out the door.

Off to the mall, to shop in every store.

What do we get Sammy, Siera and Nick?

Maybe just some clothes or a gift certificate!


Then there is Jenny, April and Keith.

As you look for the sales to keep it all cheap.

Plus Ronnie and Lois, what do we get them?

And little Eddie, can’t forget him!


Now into the Mall, which way do you go?

The stores are too crowded and moving really slow.

With hours of shopping, at first it was fun.

Now you can’t wait until it is all done!


With Christmas tunes playing, you don’t give a thought.

The carriage is loaded with all the things you bought.

You check out your list and view it once more.

The list is complete, you hit every store!


With wrapping paper bows and scotch tape.

You head for the car, you really need a break.

Now back at home everything is wrapped.

But coffee is first or maybe a long nap.


Then Christmas morning, a glow on every face.

And you know that shopping was not a mistake.

For Christmas morning, is for sharing and for giving.

To all that you love, in this world we’re living.

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