Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 11, 2013

Christmas Thoughts~by rldubour



Christmas Thoughts

Once again it’s that time of year

When all the loving people gather near.

Their spirits rise, their tensions prevail

While they sit by the fire telling Christmas tales.

Tales of Santa and his eight tiny reindeers

And Rudolf with his nose so bright,

Guiding old St. Nick through this eternal night.

Lets’ not forget the birth of Christ

He gave us love, He gave as light.

Love to share, light to see

Of the beckoning future, what must it be?

Must it be a life of sorrow? Must it be of shame?

No matter how your life turns out

His love will still remain.

For Christ was crucified upon the cross

He died for you and me.

He died to free our souls from hell;

He died to give us life throughout eternity.

During each precious minute of life,

We have but one to give to Christ.

Give all you have with open heart and mind

You will be surprised in what you find.

Now there is nothing more for me to say

Except God Bless us ALL, this Christmas day.

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