Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | December 12, 2013


AND YOU THOUGHT IT WAS DIRTY!!!!! 🙂 –Jonathan Caswell

By the Mighty Mumford



Brass monkeys, where cannon balls stay,

Till cannons need them in play…

Tho’ the cliché’ is old,

They say it’s so cold

To “freeze the balls off a brass monkey”–YAY!

That brass monkeys have (cannon) balls

Is how intrigue falls…

If people don’t know

Their minds will go

However obscenity calls.

Not necessary for cannons to bark,

Especially displayed in a park…

Brass monkeys may be there

If you’re a Legionnaire,

Guarding in the light and at dark.

I don’t think it is quite cold enough

For such superlative stuff…

Brass monkeys in view

Have a high scrap value

And to find one is rare, in the rough!



–Jonathan Caswell

PLEASE NOTE:  the poem has been updated to reflect the full phrasing of the cliche!


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