Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 14, 2013

Finally, the night has come~by rldubour



Finally, the night has come

On this night before Christmas, we waited all year.

The hustle and bustle, the hopes and the fear.

The kids in their beds, the cookies are out.

A few silent moments to relax on the couch.

With everything wrapped and waiting for morn.

Just to be torn open with a smile that’s worn.

The Yule log still burning the candles turned low.

Tomorrow is Christmas as your heart starts to glow.

You stand for a moment, you view with content.

You know in your mind, it’s money well spent.

After all Christmas comes just once a year.

The spirit of giving and spreading good cheer.

In your thoughts you know the true meaning.

The star of David and why the three wise men

Come seeing.

A child was born in a manger that night.

The Son of God to show us the light.

On this Holy night in Bethlehem town.

The angels were calling to those all around.

Come see the Christ child wrapped in swaddling clothes.

This is the true meaning of Christmas that

Everyone knows.

He died on a cross for you and for me.

To give us all life for eternity.

From that first Holy night, the wise men brought gifts.

Gives us today’s Christmas of good tidings and bliss.


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