Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 17, 2013

Christmas Bells~by rldubour

Note~this write is the original work I changed a few stanzas and the title those familiar with my site will recognize the change. Originally was written for Christmas, I have one more write like this will post tomorrow. Thanks!


Christmas Bells


It was Christmas Day he felt old and tired

Missing his sweetheart he loved and admired.

As he walked down the path through the fresh fallen snow.

With thoughts of his past, a chill made him feel cold.


With thoughts in his mind and warmth in his heart

His vows they had taken they could not part

If he could just see her this he would say

I miss you so much on this Christmas day.


He walked further on and after a while.

All his memories of good things brought his face to a smile.

His eyes were still bright, yet looked heavy and tired.

As he looked all around, at this place he admired.


At the place where he lived most all of his life.

Were once he had family and a sweet loving wife.

His children all grown and had moved far away.

And he lost his dear wife, when the angels came that day.


That’s where he was going, on that Christmas night.

To kneel by the grave, of his sweet loving wife.

For a moment he’s lost, forgot how to get there.

As tears came to his eyes and froze in the cold air.


He asked for a sign, for he just could not tell.

If only he heard those steeple bells.

Then he would know what direction to go.

As he pushed himself forward, ever so slow.


He started to pray and asked for help from above

To give him the strength left, to reach his sweet love.

He had to reach her with no selfish act.

Was then that he knew, he was not coming back.

The sign that he asked for came with a bright light.

As he watched while he cried, it was his sweet loving wife.

She came with the angels, her arms reaching forth.

As they embraced in the arms of this heavenly worth.


Now forever together, they turned back and could tell.

It was the miracle of music from the church steeple bells.

The music from heaven on that Christmas Day

God answered his prays in His own loving way.


  1. Sure do love that angel….ya got any redheads???? 🙂

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