Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 26, 2013

Christmas Snow~by rldubour



Christmas Snow

The season when most nature sleeps

In forest land and frozen creeks

Some animals choose to hibernate

The rest of us will celebrate.


The sight of fresh fallen snow

Over the land a special glow.

Us northerners’ are truly blessed

As nature wears her new white dress.


From forest glens to mountain tops

She set the stage with all her props.

A special meaning we all know

When it is the first Christmas snow.


That’s when it falls on Christmas eve.

With open mind we do believe.

That for one day we know of peace

Peace on earth we all should seek.


A time for family and for friends

Or a time to make amends.

A time for happy joy and tears

For all you love far and near.


Hot chocolate and holiday lights

All decorated and glowing bright.

A sense of warmth fills the soul

Santa fly’s from the North Pole.


Gift wrap is done the music on

Stretch you arms and give a yawn

You think that only Heaven knows

The meaning of the Christmas snow.


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