Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 2, 2014

The meaning of roses~by rldubour



The meaning of roses

Red roses have had meaning since the

Dawn of time.

The symbol of it being that love is on

Your mnd.

Just add the color white, what symbol

Can this be?

The bouquet of red and white, this

Means unity.

Red roses say I love you also stands

For courage and respect.

Their rosebuds symbolize beauty, you will

Know in case you get.

Can also mean pure and lovely, like

Heaven is above.

White rose buds means childhood and

Much too young to love.

A single rose stands for simplicity in what

We choose to do.

A bouquet of roses in full bloom signifies


White roses have more meaning as you

Will clearly see.

You’re heavenly, reverence and humility,

Innocence and purity.

Pink in general means gentility and grace,

A double meaning for this rose seems to be

Taken place.

Deep pink stand for gratitude and appreciation,

Light pink conveys your sympathy or your


Yellow stands for friendship in your life

You share.

Can also stand for gladness or just to

Say you care.

Red and yellow blends say you are jovial

With happy feelings.

And pray we take this to our end in our

Life that we are dealing.

Coral or orange roses, denote enthusiasm

And desire.

Like the feeling that you get when someone

Sets your heart on fire.

Deep Burgundy means unconscious beauty

That sometimes you don’t see.

Pale colors convey friendship and also


The moss colored rose stands for confession of


To get someone’s attention that you are thinking

So much of.

Hybrid tea roses mean, I will remember you


For better or for worse, for the rest of your days.

Sweetheart roses are saying just that

You are my sweetheart as a matter of fact

Two roses wired together forming a single


Means engagement of a coming marriage this

Symbol is meant to send.

A full blown rose over two buds signifies


This sounds like real trouble to me!

Withered roses have two meanings as you will

Shortly see.

First it means fleeting beauty and the second is

You made no impression on me.

A crown of roses signifies reward and


And finally the leaves of the roses, they are

The symbol of hope you never want to lose.


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