Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 9, 2014

If I Could Speak~by rldubour

43 years ago today we buried our father, later that evening while sitting with just my memories I wrote the following:


If I Could Speak

I lie here motionless watching all my loved ones gather round.
I try to speak, but my lips are wired tight, I cannot make a sound.

Oh, what a beautiful sight I see.
I see them touching my hand and saying their prayers for me.

If I could speak, I’d tell them, don’t say your prayers for me.
Just kneel and count your blessings and love your family.

Don’t love me now, for I am gone and cannot return your love.
Don’t love me now; for it’s to late, I’m gone to someone far above.

Those of you, who are crying, wipe the teardrops from your eyes.
And sit up straight and look me right in the face and simply say good-bye.

Say good-bye but cherish the memories that shall always be in your hearts.
Say good-bye until forever and yet we shall never really part.

Time is growing short before they close that lid on me.
So children hear me now, I loved you all and will throughout eternity.

Now one by one I see you standing, standing next to me.
I’ll miss you son and you daughter and all my family.
And most of all my beloved wife and the life she gave to me.

R.L. DuBour




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