Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 27, 2014

OASIS :LOVE~~by Dr Satyender Parkash Nanda”Aas”



 In the sandy desert of lusty desires Full of wilder winds and storms of libido On the twists and curves of barren desert Pathless, mad race of carvans of needs We are running in wastelands nd dust bowls Materials, comforts, luxuries, perspiring more Dying sensitivity for sensuality greedy lure I am searching an oasis in isolated area of Vegetation in the desert, typically surrounding A spring or similar water source for love, life Carvans must travel via oasis, cienega So that supplies of water and food can be Replenished for body’s nervous systems ever As love like an underground river or aquifer Continue to vegetate and avoid the dryness Of passions, empathy, tolerance, liberality Freedom,. Compassion, fellowship, devotion Pleasuring of love, life and excitements of oneness. I found in the heart of desert the oasis Full of love for all the wilder stormy carvans. Greenland flourishing ever like an oasis:love…!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copyright ©Dr. Satyender Parkash Nanda”Aas”. 25/01/2014



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