Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 26, 2014

My Secret Garden~by Marie Falck


My Secret Garden

My secret garden is special to me
It’s filled with flowers and trees –
And even little honey bees
Plus, there’s beautiful butterflies
Landing on flower – strewn pathways
Filled with roses grand
Mingled with dainty lilies of the valley
In my secret garden, the fragrance is sweet
Each flower is perfect
And the color – a rare breed
With unusual trees in all grandeur
Artistically placed, providing me shade
In the center of my secret garden
There’s a beautiful water fall
With life – giving streams
Kissing the sunbeams
Sending forth rainbows
Arching the sky
Where I can sit on a bench close by
And enjoy visits from the little birds
That give me such joy
I can’t put into words
I’m fascinated while watching
The squirrels at work
They come daily for their nuts
And their work, they never shirk
My secret garden provides a refuge for me
It’s a place where I can go
And where troubles are a ‘no show’
It’s a place where I can be alone with God
Enjoying His presence wherever I trod

By Marie Falck – Ruhlmann


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