Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 1, 2014

……… APHOTIC POET’S HEART…… by Dr Satyender Parkash Nanda”Aas”




The heart of a psychol poet, aphotic more
Just like the part of the endless ocean
Oh our cellular living cells knitted heaven,
That are not reached by any radiant motion
No sunlight, crucial for mind, orientation
The passions, senses, intellect norms
conscious,beliefs,ethics , wilful realms
Watered roots in the sheer darkness
Inhale energy, from pain,wounds, harshness
Mystery of life, the silent radiant sources
Blissfully work, really as phototaxis
In poet’s heart amazingly, deeper than sea
Without any photosynthesis, mysterious
The Aphrodite, daughter of Zeus, goddess
Of love, sensuality, hypnotic beauty, Venus
Feed poet’s aphotic heart senses, nerves
With outstanding talent, genius, with rarest
Guardian Spirit, Milk, psychol mind obsess.
Hypnotize heart, soul, mind, blissful realms
Copyright ©Dr. Satyender Parkash Nanda “Aas”. 01/03/2014

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