Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 6, 2014

………………Cosmetology………… ? by Dr Satyender Parkash Nanda”Aas”



………………Cosmetology………… ?

Oh, cosmetician, beautify our heart, soul, mind
The pivotal sources of beauty, nectarous,divine.

Women blessed with the finest beauty of skin
Nature’s supreme virtuous creation like Venus
Superb cosmic wonder, marvelous,sensations
Pivotal in creations,mysterious in compassion

Anita, I see, everywhere cosmetological craze
Beauty parlors, saloons, skin’s foods buyers
Outcry for fleshy beauty, blathering everywhere
Aesthetic surgery, facial glow, important more.

Cosmetology, Aesthetic aesthesia afflatus sure
Outer beauty of flesh, face, lips, eyes,nails, hair
Silky legs, soft skin, stunning bosom, neck care
Sensuous eyebrows, creamy arms, armpits flare.

Inner beautiful sensationalism, romantic urge
Sensuality overshadowed inner beauty surge
Sexuality overpowered empathic courge call
Cosmetics beautifying substances superficial

Oh, beauty of the heart, mind, head and soul
Dying miserably,eternal values, ideals, moral.
Religion, fear of God,pity, care, help, no social
No cosmetology beautifying our rare divinity

Which is the rarest glow of our natural beauty.
Let us create parlors, enhance natural serenity.
Beauty of bosom, face, lips, eyes all heavenly
The beauty of heart, mind, soul the rare reality.
Copyrights ©Dr. Satyender Parkash Nanda”Aas”. 06/03/2014

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