Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 10, 2014

Destination America~DELAWARE~by rldubour

Monday! time to Discover America, today in alpha order the great state of:


America~~ our very First state
Was named after Lord de la Warr.
The Battle of Cooch’s Bridge in Newark,
First time our Flag was flown in the air!

This state is called “The First State.”
The people are “Delawareans.”
First to ratify the Constitution
And be known as~~ Americans!

“Liberty and Independence.”
Is the motto of this great state.
First to sign the Constitution
A brand new Nation is taking place!

The insect is the Lady Bug
Peach blossom is the flower I see
The Blue Hen Chicken is the bird
American Holly is the tree.

In New Castle~~ eighteen-thirty-one
The First steam railroad got its start.
Delaware is the only state
That does not have a National Park.

At CapeHenlopenState park in Lewes,
Eighty Foot dune is the highest elevation!
In seventeen-eighty the Barratt’s Chapel
The oldest church~~ is still open for salvation.

Around the mid-sixteen hundreds,
Our very first log cabins~~ came from Finland!
Every fall five-hundred strong
A POW WOW of the Nanticoke Indians.

In eighteen-hundred and eighty

A height of eighty-seven feet.

The lighthouse on FenwickIsland

Cost just five dollars to paint complete!

The tall ship Kalmar Nyckel

Dates back to sixteen-thirty-eight.

America’s newest tallest ship

As builders attempt to recreate.

Famous names that should be mentioned

DuPont, Allen and Rodney.

Bird and Pyles and Henry Heimlich

Bertinelli, Polo and George Reed.

Statehood, December 7, 1787 the 1st state

Capital is Dover


John Dickinson was called the Penman of the Revolution for his writings on independence. His boyhood home is preserved in Dover.
Thomas Garret lost his entire fortune in his battle against slavery. He was sued by a Maryland slave owner and fined for aiding a black family in flight. Over his lifetime, Garrett reportedly helped more than 2,000 fugitive slaves move through
Delaware, an important stop on the Underground Railroad.
Odessa possesses one of the finest collections of late 18th- and early 19th-century architecture in the middle Atlantic region.
The center of town is on the National Register of Historic Places and the entire town has been zoned as historic.
Quaker merchant Thomas Garret is thought to be the model for a Quaker farmer in the novel, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” Garret and famed abolitionist Harriett Tubman worked closely with Delaware’s anti-slavery forces.

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