Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 10, 2014

God Never Sleeps~ by Marie Falck



God Never Sleeps

Good evening, Lord, God, Almighty
I called to talk a little while
’cause I just need a Friend
Who’ll hear about my worries and trials
I just can’t make it on my own
Throughout each day I need you
To love and guide me always
So, I’ll never, ever feel alone
One thing for sure, I ask You please
To keep my family safe from all harm
Fill them all with Your confidence
For whatever fate that will alarm
Increase my faith, dear Lord, God, Almighty
To peacefully face each moment of the day
And not worry about things
That I cannot change, in anyway
Thank You God for being there
Always listening for my call
And always giving me such good advice
And catching me, if I stumble and fall
Your number, Lord, is the only one
That answers all the time
I never get a busy signal
And, I never have to pay a dime
So, thank You, Lord, God, Almighty
For listening to my troubles
And my heart full of sorrows
Good night Father, God, I love You too
I’ll be sure to call You again tomorrow

By Marie Falck – Ruhlmann

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