Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 16, 2014

Mother Nature, Father Time~by rldubour



Mother Nature, Father Time

Long, long ago when this earth had just begun.

On the seventh day God rested and viewed what He had done.

Then He created Adam and soon along came Eve.

Yet, something still was missing; there is one more thing we need.

Not quite like yours or mine, He created Mother Nature

And created Father Time.


Mother Nature was in charge, of everything you see and feel.

The earth, the wind, the water, the fire and everything that’s real.

Father Time was more laid back, he controlled the time.

Of every second of this earths life, including yours and mine.

Mother Nature had her job, with so much responsibility.

She is in charge of everything, from mountains to the seas.

Of every living creature, that roamed upon this earth.

Mother Nature had made sure, every creature was of worth.

Nothing ever goes to waste, she makes sure of this.

She even watches Father Time, to make sure seconds are not missed!


Sometimes she gets tired and sometimes even mad.

That’s when Mother Nature can be extremely bad.

We all know what she can do when she shows her ugly side.

For every living soul on earth, had better run and hide!

From earthquakes to tornadoes, mud slides and hurricanes.

With fires that can not be controlled, to torrential rains.

From blizzards to typhoons and floods upon the land.

Mother Nature sure has proven, she is no match for man.

They will forever be here, Mother Nature and Father Time.

They will watch us come and go and never even mind.

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