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Thomas Rae DuBour ~by rldubour



July 27, 1944-March 29,2006

Our Brother, Tommy

Thomas Rae DuBour

The thirteenth child, our Tom was born
On July twenty-seven,
Son of Ernest and of Mildred,
Their address now is Heaven.
While growing up, his favorite sport
Was soccer – his great joy !
Always laughing, always joking ….
Such a happy boy.
We all called him ‘Carpenter’,
He loved to work with wood,
And horses too were friends of his,
They always understood.
He gave his time to serve this land,
The U.S. Army way,
In Germany was where he served,
Three years to the day.
When he got home he took a wife,
Judy was her name.
They had three children and at home
His outlook was the same.
He fell in love with playing golf,
Three times a week he’d play,
“No other game can take its place,”
We always heard him say.

On days when he was not at golf,
At home, he’d always be
In the kitchen cooking meals
For all his family.


His cookies were his claim to fame,
On Sundays, he would bake
All eight of his young grandchildren
Would be there to partake.
Devoted was our Tom to those
Who served our country proud,
The American Legion claimed his heart
He’d say this good and loud.
All his life he’d welcome us,
To stay, he would insist,
His smiling face and loving words,
No-one could resist.
He loved his wife with all his heart,
Judy was his life,
Full eight-and-thirty years they shared
As husband and wife.
Our brother Tom was pretty tough,
Not one to complain,
And then one morning when he woke,
His face was etched with pain.
Not many families are this close,
As all of us Dubours,
In his last days, Tom knew so well,
This love of mine and yours.

He knew that we were proud of him,
And Judy, his dear wife,
Through this, we’ve come to realize
The preciousness of life.

‘Tis not ‘good-bye’ but just ‘farewell’,
We’ll meet again some day,
I know you’re listening brother dear
I’ve still some words to say …
I’ve cried my tears for love for you,
And I will miss you so.
Your Angel took you by the hand
And said … “It’s time to go.”
For those you loved, you gave your all,
Reward will be ten-fold,
Of memories you’ve left behind,
Great stories will be told.
Your book of life on earth is closed,
A new one has begun,
I speak for everyone of us …
Thanks for what you’ve done.

When our time comes, you’ll greet us there,
A smile upon your face.
Again we’ll hear … “A thing of beauty!” …
I’m in the greatest place.”

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