Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2014

……. CURE-ALL……~by DrSatyender ParkashAas



……. CURE-ALL……

We are all, ignorant, mythical patients,
Of faiths, race, myths,misconception.

Helpless, miserable, body’s tenants,
Leaseholders, breathy, meek lodgrers,
Fleshy bonny movinng structures
Uncertain tenancy period all under
The buildings master, owener,gainer
Food, fire, air, water, light, we payers.
Body, heart, mind, soul, need repairs
Endless wounds, , ailments, despairs,
We are deceitful, cynical, rigid, apathetic
Resentful, petulant, naive, selfish, quixotic.
Thousands diseases, our worst conditions.

Hungry, thirsty, deflected, possessive
Insecure insects, victims of aggression,
Of Age, Nature, Time, Lust, ego,race, pride,
Blind lovers, of unnatural beauties, deights
Burning like the flying players of light
Like firefly,lusty moths active at night,
On the alluring flames, luxurious fire
Burning , attracting, sensuous night,
Miserable, not curative humans plight.

Dear search, your hearts mind and souls,
Divinity giving instructions,every second
Restorative guide lines, curable, hymns,
Develop nectar, empathy, read all sermons.
Cure all diseases of body, mind and humans.
Copyright ©Dr. Satyender Parkash Nanda”Aas”. 31-03-2014

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