Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 31, 2014

Soul Whispers~by Neetu Wali



Soul Whispers

I woke up
From Deep Sleep
To be greeted by rumour
Of my death
I was happier
Because I didn’t appear
To those, my near and dear
I was left alone
To take my good care
And to share
My share of nature
No expectations to bother
No commitments to wear
I was excited
Spent hours in laughter
Till I felt hunger
My tongue slipped with a bang
Mother my dinner
I peeped into dining room
My chair was
Already occupied!
My platter was
Emptied away
This is not fair
Where is my dinner?
My mom’s laughter
Pierced me
My stomach was empty
My eyes full of tear

And then
I heard a whisper
Yes this is not fair
Don’t ever disappear
From those, near
To you
And think you
To be dear
If you disappear
You lose your dinner
You want dinner?
Have to appear
And pay for it
Less in cash,
More in kind
I cried louder
I am sorry
But I need my dinner
It was when
Somebody shook me up
Wake up!
Whets wrong
You fought me last night
And skipped your dinner
Now you shout
My Dinner!
It is all over
What? I asked in fear
I mean dinner
Mom said with a smile
I hugged her tight
And kissed her bright
I am sorry mom
I will never skip the dinner
You prepare with love
I will pay you love
For every platter

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