Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 1, 2014

Neelima Neelima~ poetry created by SPNANDA,’Aas’




Windows of the soul,
Expressive and emotional,
Drenches away your sins,
Hides lots than shows.
Reflects pain and pleasure,
Passionate it is ,
Sorrowful it is, joyful it is ,
Desperate it is ,
Longing it is ,desirable it is ,
Locking eyes sings the song of love,
Expressive eyes dances the waltz of rhythm,
Friendly eyes hugs you,
On your downs and outs,
Teary eyes drowns you ,
In flood of tears.
Sinister eyes scare you,
To death and beyond.
Shady eyes stinks of evil,
Lurking round the bend.
Eyes mirror you and,
Your soul inside out.
fires and angst,
it shows;
it emits ashes of ,
fire in your soul and beyond.

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