Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 1, 2014

The echoing pines~ by rldubour



The echoing pines


The days of old in the mist of time

The Legend was told of the Echoing Pines.

Ahh, the Echoing Pines

They brought many a man to the end of their line.

Their mystery was a sight to behold

And until this day may it never unfold.

They swayed so gently against the breeze

Yet, dared they man to be at ease.

There was many a man who tried to find

Yet, none could conquer those Echoing Pines.


The Echoing Pines so soft they swayed

They echoed their crises as if to say.

“Set forth in me if you may”

“But, you shall never see another day!”

“Hear my warning, go from whence you came.”

“For these Echoing Pines shall never be tamed!”


Then the earth trembled, crumpled and groaned

As the Echoing Pines were soon to be thrown!

The blaze came with its fury, came with its might

Not sparing the Pines their last night of life.

The wind with its crying as mean as can be

Saying over and over, “The end to these trees!”


And then it was over as fast as it came

And all that was left was there to remain.

With their last echo of life as if from the damned

“For we shall not heel to mortal man!”

Those were the days and tale of the times

And this was the Legend of the Echoing Pines.

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