Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 4, 2014

Love ,a song ,sung soulfully,~by Neelima Neelima



Love ,a song ,sung soulfully,

Love ,a song ,sung soulfully,
By a heart lonely .
Love, a dance ,choreographed gracefully,
By a mind thirsty.
Love ,a poem, written expressively,
By a soul creative.
Love ,a mirror, crafted delicately ,
By a craftsman artistic.
Love ,a quilt ,woven beautifully,
By a weaver elegant.
Love ,a rainbow ,designed colourfully,
By a designer honest.
Love, a breeze, blowing gently,
By nature naturally.
Love, a dream, dreamt sublimely,
By a dreamer subtle.
Love ,life itself ,divine,
By God ,the Creator.

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