Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 5, 2014

From now on,I will live as if I am dreaming (perhaps I am).~by Anji ~ poetry created by SPNANDA,’Aas’



From now on,I will live as if I am dreaming
(perhaps I am).

Adore the casual meetings with strangers
in a park, the one hour conquests
that later vanish without saying goodbye.

I will not dread the arrival of bad news,
I can just turn my head and pretend
they are not true…

Je vais parler français ….
I will speak french with the dead and
watch the expression of their
pale faces…quel plaisir !

Dance instead of walking, listening
to the sound of accordions in my
purple mind.
( I can paint it any color I want).

Taste the sour-sweetness of a
fresh pineapple even
when not eating.

Homes are made of cotton
instead of concrete
in my wonderland.

I will share my laughter,
I will shed not tears…
getting up from bed in the mornings
there will be not more fears.

I will let go of pain by saying:
“This too shall pass”
and go to bed, hide under the covers
smile to myself and close my eyes.

Ah ! here I come…the constant dreamer,
see the clouds? they are made of gold,
shiny silver dust and tiny glass stars.

Being alone doesn’t have to
mean being lonely, I will always
have myself by my side.

I can talk to Nietzsche, Osho and
Maupassant…we will share a
glass of wine and argue about
the meaning of life.

Then, and only then, lay down
on the grass, look up at the dark skies
and feel with all my senses
the magic of being alive.


Ap.3 , 2014

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