Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 6, 2014

!! ……… ECSTATIC- FEVER………?? ~Poetry of Dr, S. P. Nanda “Aas”



!! ……… ECSTATIC- FEVER………??

In the present age everyone trying
To enjoy the free bird’s eagle’s flight
On the snowy, rocky, luxurious hights.
Singing parrots songs, in locked cage
Dancing, with peacock’s colourful wings,
Like an ecstatic wild animal, in rings!!

Alluring for feeling, expression,sensation
Overwhelming happiness, joyful, excitement
Love to be an enraptured, elated, euphoric
Thrilled, overjoyed, blissful mammal ever!!

In his allusions, dreams, mystic faiths,
Ever on cloud nine, in seventh heaven,
Jumping for joys, delighted, exculant
Over the moon, on top of the world!!

Walking in the sky, very high profile
Full of ecstatic amorous vision, plight
Enjoying dark mystical experience
Of power, muscle, money, modernity.
Aristocratic life, luxuriant love, lust.
Stimulated fully with the ecstasy drug,
Grumbling victim of invisible depression
Loss of self-control, consciousness lost,
Dominated by septic emotional thrust.
Shivering with, not curable ecstatic fever??.
Copyright ©Dr. Satyender Parkash Nanda”Aas”. 07/04/2014.

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