Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2014

Soul Whispers~by Neetu Wali



Soul Whispers

Does God exist
This question is 
As obvious
As ambiguous
The only difference is
A believer
And a suspicious
Faith is not the essence of life
Faith is not a part of life
However important you may think
Faith is life
Like a one way road, where
The traveller has no option
Life has no replace
Faith in life needs not your belief
It is and will be
What it was meant to be


  1. Ron, I’m writing a book about the re-discovery of Christ. If you want me to, i’ll send you a copy of the sheets that form the book. I need an editor from outside what i’m thinking.

    • my email is

      • Thanks, Ron. Since you might have more experience in writing poetry, could you read amrapoetry n’ see if there’s any hidden issues with certain groups. I hate do ask you to do this, could you be my editor? You’ve had years of writing experience, i started writing in 2000.

      • I can try and help where?

      • Making sure i don’t make any stupid mistakes (like mispellings, grammatical errors)

      • make sure you have a word program this will help a great deal

      • I have Microsoft Word, that’s what i use if i type anything (papers for school, poems…)

      • this is a good program

      • I was saying that since you’ve been writing (or typing) your poetry for a much longer time than i have (i started to seriously type poetry starting 2000)

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