Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 12, 2014

……. CHERUB MY LOVE…….~by DrSatyender ParkashAas




How beautiful colored her wings 
Like cool white clouds in the rings, 
The glow of my loving fairy glints 
Living rare insights, shining winks,
Her shimmer glimmering universe
Twinkles of passions, busy in surf,
Glamorous glitters, innocent look
Angel of second order on lively earth,
Whose distinctive attribute is beauty,art
Knowledge, elegance, serenity of mirth,
My angel depicted as a Chubby faced
Child with euphoric beauty wings,
Well cultured, empathetic, well behaved,
Whose attraction, disposition,appearance
Fabulously well mannered, innocence
Icon of heavenly bliss, peace,love,charm
Tenderness, sweetness, modesty, relams,
Having rare iconic memory, astonishing
Amazing, astounding, her fairy steps
Stunning her every flesh sheen, finest
Incredible, phenomenal, perfection
Telepathic knowledge, wonders all
I love the extra-terraestrial traits..
The goddess of knowledge, beauty, arts.
I am ever caressesing her virtuous wings.
Copyright ©Dr. Satyender Parkash Nanda “Aas”. 12/03/2014

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