Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 12, 2014

I know,~ by Sonu Bawani



I know,

I know,
i am impatient 
But please be gentle towards me when i am being cruel to myself..
I know 
I am impatient…
At times when i had a fear of losing you in the crowd of this world..
So please hold me close to you where i can forget the fears of being away from you…
I know
I am impatient
But now i look upto you,
I seek your love that can fulfil the thirst of my soul i have been thirsty since i was born….
I know
I am impatient
At times i do pretend to be careless like rock who never feels a thing but inside me there is a storm of emotions that i never reveal…
You know I am impatient
You know why i am impatient!
I know I am impatient…
Sonu Bawani

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