Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 12, 2014

WISH-DANCE~by Jernail S Anand




In the forest,
a fire is burning
and some shadows bright
are adance;

the drizzle is on
which quenches not;
but sets the shapely figures
on fire;

set to music
the dancing feet
arrested in starry rhythms
shake the earth
with their lusty thumps

the darkness around
is studded with sighs;
some deep passions
raise on their heels
to see the naked wish-dance;

sparks brighten up the night sky;
music turns faster
and the steps gain momentum
and the figures catch fire;

the darkness witnesses the show
in utter sighlence;
figures of wax
catching fire and then
reducing themselves to dust.

dr j.s. anand
all rights reserve 2014.


  1. I like ‘sets the shapely figures on fire’. Nicely written.

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