Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 16, 2014

………… FASCINATION……….. ~by Dr, S. P. Nanda “Aas”



………… FASCINATION……….. 

Beauty ever fascinates. 
Charmingly engaging all nerves 
Gripping all alluring, fabulous things,
Amorous winks, compelling, surge 
The visionary affect,powerful more
Stunning escalation, sensuous urge
Fascinated by reverting beautiful twists
Appealing entertaining body curves 
Passions attract, enchant, engross, 
Captivate, obsess, rare euphoric allure 
Enthrall, obsorb, stimulate, relish, lure
The thrills, swirls and upswings, glints 
Passionate sensuality, sexuality upsurge, 
Compassion for her lovers, sensitive sure, 
How caring, warm, loving , sparkle more,. 
Make this life glamorous, exotic, loveable 
Joyous, colourful, exciting, elegant, adorable 
A blissful voyage on passions, lively waves, 
Enjoy ever serenity, showing soothing paves. 
Oh mortal we all, live immortal beauty rare. 
Peep quickly in the natural beautiful universe. 
Beauty fascinates more and more.!! 
Copyright ©Dr. Satyender Parkash Nanda”Aas”. 14/04/2014

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