Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 19, 2014

SNOW~by Indira Sadanandan




Recently I found one of my friends,a researcher
In the study of “The New Generation in the
Upper class society ,their habits and activities
In the Modern Society since three quarter of a decade”

As per his study,it is new to my knowledge,they are the
Younger strand of the upper class, children of the
Grand children to the wealthy and political power holding
Personalities of the past.
They traverse by air route ,stay in first rank star hotels
And resorts commanding a group always with them
They never know poverty or of the poor.

They shake hands in closed fists to exchange intoxication
To one another in tiny covers of tissue paper like bags of
A gram each knotted both ends together and spread it
On a small tray ,to make lines in,with a credit card and
Inhale with tubes made of brand new pieces of high value
Currencies or dollars ,and they call it ‘snow’
They distribute currencies in pinches not by count.
No worry no anxiety ,everything is in surplus

A growing class to rule the country
To make our laws and rules
To maintain peace
To eradicate poverty.

He told me that
His thesis is almost ready
To be submitted
Before the next summer

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