Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 21, 2014

“Contrasting Realities”~by Persian Khushi



“Contrasting Realities”

Contrasts between worlds
She was out shopping with her family
When suddenly she was separated from them
On her own she wandered through foreign streets
Shopping malls too were unknown

Contrast between where she came from and where she is
Lost and caught between these world
Suddenly she is with her mom in an unhygienic butcher
Where they stood in a narrow isle between two shelves
Behind her, she saw the mince moving
It was filled with fly maggots
In front of them a shelf stacked with chicken cutlets
A place in reality that they would never frequent
Feeling nauseous they left in a hurry

Once outside she once again found herself alone
Wandering the streets to nowhere in particular
Then she saw a pharmacy
A male assistant appeared to be help
Then led her out of the pharmacy
To a platform somewhere far away
In the middle of nowhere it seemed
On top of this platform was a single cash register
“But I bought nothing she said”
He gave her a sly look and took steps closer
She barely escaped from his sexual advances

She found herself in a parking lot
A plastic zipper bag in hand filled with paper money
All she knew was that she needed to hide it from who-ever
Just as the bag fell two vagrants appeared
They stared and watched her every move
The short stocky one came closer
And she threatened him with an elbow in his fat belly
They left her alone
Undressing and dressing in an attempt to hide the money in the folds of her clothing

Again the scene changed
She just stepped into an upmarket mall
When her brother found her and led the way to an expensive restaurant
It was as if she was never away
Then the alarm woke her from this deep sleep
She lay pondering about her dream
And concluded that it was a lesson of contrasting worlds

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