Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 21, 2014

GRAPE HYACINTH~by Indira Sadanandan




We,my grandson and me
Stepped in a fancy store on our way
Back home from our c.a.,
To buy a soap ,shampoo ,and safety pin for me
Then I remembered the need of a clock
In my tiny bed cum study
We selected one round clock from the shop
He asked me,’grandma can you write a poem
On this clock?’,I came home and have written,”Encircled”,
And put it on F B, he read it ,liked and in the morning next day
Holding a grass between fingers he came,asked me
‘Grandma,can you write a poem of this’

Thus after telling a proverb to him ” I am not letting
This grass grow under my feet ” meaning:
‘ Make use of the opportunity at once you got ‘
I wrote ,”Grape Hyacinth ”

The plant he brought was not actually a mere grass
It was the seedling of ‘ Starch Lily ‘
Its bulbs used once to sticken linen,the real name
Of which is “Grape Hyacinth ” with flowers
Grown in seven inches height ,
It blooms in spring , it’s often grown as border plant

I told him further that this is of a rare species which
Noah Collected in his arch in the great Flood
Described In the Holy Bible ,along with animals ,birds
And plants spared for humanity for the post- flood Ages
As per God’s Will


  1. beautiful poem.

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