Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 21, 2014

NTO THE EYES OF NIGHT…..~by Rajendra Padhi




Time opens up its dark eyes over the bridge
Spreads layers of life mutely in soul’s window,
The sleepless water echoes the flowing hours
How lonely I stand blind in silence to its call !

I sway in the breeze of past unbearably cool
My mind quiet for leaning at thoughts within,
Unspeakably calm like the dumb trees in hill
Reveal to me the purest essence of my being.

Darkness climbs to its deepest core to the cliff
Swallowing shadows of trees from moon light,
Stars like saints’ glow in silence sweetly in sky
The birds fall off the flight of day for a sleep.

The laughter and cry shyly faded from streets
Fight for Fame and fortune lies in rest at night,
Tears are drifted in to dreams of smiles on lips
The eyes of jealousy are saddened in slumber.

The humans are empty of strife and passion
We enjoy sleep as the child of larger death,
Life is a short lyric with feelings of lost seasons
And passes away like days into the crystal night.

Slowly I bend to darkness like leaves in wind
Listen to the solitude the music it makes,
Gathering darkness so solemnly in my arms
Free from yearning to win ways of the world.

DT 22-4- 2014
Composed and Copy right by Rajendra K. Padhi

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