Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 24, 2014

Shadow~by rldubour




What better friend can there be?
Right by your side trying hard to please.
Was always there right by your side.
Just to protect you, he would fight or die.
You came to us when you were small.
We watched you grow strong and tall.
A hundred words you learned to know.
The love you had always showed.
Always gentle as you kept watch.
Like watching over your family flock.
You watched your kids through all the years.
And showed all strangers that they should fear.
What better friend can there be?
Was always there trying hard to please.
You thought that company was just for you.
And would not leave until you got a hug or two.
Every Christmas morning I knew where you would be.
Sitting there with big bright eyes beside the Christmas tree.
You knew just where your presents were and you would always wait.
That’s how you were always giving, never would you take.
What better friend could there be?
Was always there trying hard to please.
No better friend I’ll find, if I live a hundred years.
Yesterday I put you to sleep and cried a million tears.
You will always be remembered, every single day.
And if there is a place in heaven I am sure your there to stay.
I know that I will never find.
Anything even close to this best friend of mine.


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