Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 3, 2014

ღ Moment with Nature ღ~by ღ Mira ღ



ღ Moment with Nature ღ

Whenever I can’t find myself, losing it without a trace …
Whenever I Can’t recognize the features of my own face …

I find me in the middle of a chimera and a fantasy
Tasting some sweetness I could touch and see …

I fly within my imagination in a limitless reverie
Dwelling in those places where nothing would leave me

No love story concluding with a man’s goodbye
Nor a dream ending leaving me with a tear in my eye

I drown in a union with nature with the power to cure
Healing with its spiritual serenity and a sensation so pure

I hear sighs in the air whispering that I shall meet happiness someday
I hear the murmurs of plants calming me and sending my worries away.

All my features have been altered along my wasted years
Enough sadness to fade my roses with all those fears.

Yet, I can see, far in the distance, a certain smile, despite the crying
I shall seek , in the corner of my heart, a certain memory that might be dying

I’ll give it life, maybe it could create anything among my madness
Or write some stories that would still end with a trace of sadness

But leaving me some smiles along with the mourning
Some night regrets, that wouldn’t fade with the morning

Maybe the sun will enlighten my path, and myself I shall retrieve
Taking my mirages towards a concrete reality in which I still believe. ©

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